3 Ways Your Wellness Impacts Your Loved Ones

When we think of personal wellness, we usually focus on things such as our life situation, goals, ambitions, habits and general health. However, we often don’t realize just how much our wellness impacts our loved ones. Depending on their state of mind and circumstances in life, your wellness can mean a lot to these individuals.

Specifically, when you improve your overall level of wellness, your loved ones’ lives also enhance. This can be attributed to various causes, but the most prominent is that with improved wellness we generally become nicer to those around us. This can improve the lives of our loved ones by making the atmosphere and interactions between us and them more positive and enriching.

1. Your Relationships

The first thing you'll notice when you increase your level of wellness in life is that your relationships become more meaningful. The reason for this is that your newfound wellness has allowed you to develop more patience, compassion and love for those closest to you. You will find that you have more time for them and that you are able to give them more of your attention.

This increased attention improves your ability to listen to those around you, which makes your responses and reactions to their thoughts and concerns more appropriate to their needs. The ripple effect of positivity is an automatic side effect of improved personal wellness and will go a long way towards improving your relationships. As your perspective, reactions and agenda change, you will see optimism, health and a loving atmosphere enter your life.

The only time negativity can appear to come back from such a wellness improvement is when someone close to you is jealous of your transformation. It's one of the ugliest forms of jealousy, as you'd hope that those closest to you would be happy for your newfound love for life. However, some people can't see past their own circumstances and want everyone to feel the same as they do. But, over time, if the person really cares for you, they will come around, and the relationship will be stronger than ever before. It’s important to stay focused on your goals and to respond to this situation with positivity. 

2. Be an Example

Another way that your wellness can have an impact on your loved ones is through the effect you can have on their mindset. This happens through setting an example. By living your life with a positive and healthy perspective, those closest to you will see how well your life is going and will want some of the action. They will begin to gravitate towards you and may even ask for advice or imitate some of your practices and habits.

If you'd like to accelerate this process with your loved ones, try to make it as natural as possible. Forcing change upon those around you will result in a negative response most of the time; it can seem patronizing and dictatorial to tell people how to live. It is much more effective to simply set an example so that they can follow it naturally without you having to instruct them on how to go about their day-to-day life.

3. Be Ready to Give

As mentioned earlier, your loved ones may begin coming to you for advice when they see how much you've improved your life through various wellness techniques and methods. Though they've approached you for knowledge, it's still important that you don't seem patronizing. They may be asking for help, but at this stage, there is still the risk they will react to your suggestions defensively.

It can be more powerful to guide them to information that helped you or to show them to a resource where they can find their own way. For example, if you read a powerful blog post online that gave you some great ideas to enhance your lifestyle, you could refer them to it. There are thousands of articles, videos and books available online that contain effective methods for improving one’s overall wellness.

You can always call upon these resources as they are plentiful and will also give your loved one the chance to find their own mentors or sources of inspirational information. However, it's important to remain safe while browsing the internet for information and downloading resources, especially while out in public. A secure connection will take care of this so that you can focus on helping those around you learn about wellness without having to worry about safety, which can be counter-productive to your overall goals.  

Overall, it should be clear that your improvements in wellness are beneficial to not just you but also to those around you.  Improving your relationships by making them deeper and more meaningful and setting an example for those around you to follow will play a key role in enhancing the quality of life of those you love.  

How have you found wellness to affect those closest to you? Tell us about it by leaving a comment in the section below.

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Caroline is a health and wellness coach who enjoys blogging about her experiences whenever she finds the time. She also has a keen interest in tech and internet safety, which means much of her writing looks at the importance of finding a positive and secure learning environment.