5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Healthier

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Whether you work in an office or from home there are so many ways to make work-life more peaceful, inspiring and healthy. We've compiled a few of our favorites below.

1) A Morning Ritual: It goes without saying that nourishing your body with a wholesome breakfast is one of the foundations for health. It all starts with breakfast. Given the busy lives we lead, it is very easy to skip breakfast altogether or power through the morning on empty calorie foods and caffeine. These habits contribute to the loss of concentration and feeling on edge.

Our favorite way to start the day is with a cup of hot water with lemon, probiotics and a smoothie using a nutrient dense protein powder. Another easy-peasy recipe for success is to have a bowl of gluten free oatmeal or hot quinoa cereal topped with chia & flax seeds, berries and nuts or scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. These meals balance protein, fiber, healthy fats and all the nutrients you need to make you feel more alert, productive and focused. The key thing to remember is to treat breakfast as a "real" meal and take the time to make it an important daily ritual in your life. How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. Here are some satisfying breakfast ideas: 1, 2.

2) Essential Oils: Aromatherapy is one of the quickest ways to change your mood which can lead to productivity and creativity with your projects. However, essential oils go beyond just altering your mood. Studies show that essential oils such as rosemary, lemon balm, frankincense, sandalwood,  lavender,  peppermint, and basil have powerful properties to boost the brain activity and help with memory retention, concentration, and alertness.

It is important to remember that the quality of the essential oils play a key role so look for essential oils that are organic and wild crafted. We love these these high quality essential oils. Another easy way to benefit from the power of essential oils is to simply keep a few blends (or single oil) bottles on your desk and inhale the scent or diffuse them into the air.

3) Plants Power: The use of plants in your office not only creates a calming effect, keepingstress levels at bay, but they also help to filter outcarcinogenic chemicals and toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene often used in the production of many household items including the mattress you sleep on! We love this blog by Sustainable Baby Steps which is all about plants that clean the air in your environment and help reduce the risk of diseases such as asthma, cancer and allergies. Use potted plants to create a space that is inviting and calming where productivity can flourish.

4) Snack Fuel: Keeping your blood sugar balanced throughout the day plays a very important role in keeping you focused. A healthy snack that is high in protein and fiber will keep you energized and satisfied. Although there are many creative ways to snack during the day, one of our favorite ways are healthy, clean protein bars made with wholesome foods such as the Whey Protein bars by Dr. Mercola, Dale's Raw Food bars and the Paleo Bars by Julian Bakery.

5) Go with the flow: Sometimes all we need is just a few minutes of quiet time. Incorporating mindful breaks into the flow of the work day will not only make you more productive, but will put you in a better mood. Breaks also help your overall health and immune system perform at its best. Get in touch with nature by taking short 10 - 15 min walks or practice a few minutes of meditation during your lunch break.