Photo by: kinga cichewicz

Photo by: kinga cichewicz


Those of us who live in large metropolitan areas know all too well how ungrounding it can be when you lack the opportunity to connect with nature regularly. Ironically, we also experience this profound sense of disconnection due to the sheer volume of people in such close proximity. On top of the constant flux of energies swirling around us, if you live in New York City, London or one of the larger metropolitan areas in the world, you may also be affected by other ungrounding forces like the electromagnetic frequencies from wifi, tiny living spaces, tall buildings and powerful trains. We literally have a huge metal machine zooming underneath our feet and above our heads!

All of these things add up to our need to reconnect to the earth and it's energy. This is one of the core issues of the Root Chakra. The root chakra is all about feeling safe, whole and present in the body while having a strong connection to the earth and the natural world. Without this connection, we lose our footing, are more susceptible to stress, accidents and burn out. To avoid these unhealthy symptoms, It's a good idea to have a strategy for staying grounded. 

Below we've listed a few of our favorite tricks for city dwellers:


1. Connect your feet to the earth 


In less technologically advanced times, you were likely to have many opportunities to ground in your daily travels. Shoe soles were made of more natural materials, and were a lot thinner! For example, when you would walk to the market, you may have had the opportunity to trek dirt roads or walk on stone walkways with leather shoes,  allowing you to pick up that raw earthy connection we urbanized humans desperately need. These days, many of our shoes are made with thick soles often comprised of synthetic materials. This spells big trouble if you seldom go outside barefoot or get opportunities to dig your feet in sand. This lack of core connection to the ground leads to wear and tear on the body and a profound sense of feeling unrooted. This description from Dr. Mercola gives us a little scientific input about the importance of grounding: "when you walk barefoot on the Earth, there's a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body that spread throughout your tissues. The effect is sufficient to maintain your body at the same negatively-charged electrical potential as the Earth. This simple process is called "grounding."

Our solution: Try scheduling regular time to step on the ground in the park or another "safe" patch of earth outside. If you can't find a space that feels comfortable to do this, try earthing shoes, which are made of natural breathable materials or get an earthing mat for use at home!


2. Carry grounding essential oils with you


Aromatherapy may seem a little esoteric, but this incredible natural cure is not only scientifically proven to positively alter your psychology, but it's an enjoyable and simple way to care for yourself on the go. Beautifully scented essential oils can be rubbed on your pulse points or even on the soles of your feet before you head out for a busy day. We also love to apply oils to the soles of our feet at the end of a long day. This practice will instantly ground you and draw your attention to your body, a great practice for being mindful and present. There are so many oils that are used for grounding and healing the root chakra and the benefits are endless. Sniffing oils like Frankincense, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Myrrh throughout the day evoke the earthiness we need when we're stressed or disconnected from nature.

Our solution: Carry a Mindful Mosaic Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend in your purse and apply throughout the day. The scent is rich and comforting. Bonus: each bottle has a unique piece of red Jasper crystal in it to amplify it's grounding powers. 



3. Eat grounding foods

Food is such an easy way to begin healing your root chakra. There are so many great root vegetables and red colored foods that can help your body become stronger and more adaptive. Some of our favorites are pomegranates, cherries, radishes, beets, garlic, and healthy organic proteins such as eggs, grass-fed meats, and beans. Adding some of these foods to your diet can really help you feel more balanced and help fortify your system in times of increased stress. Traversing the city can easily feel like a chore and although there are more and more healthy food spots popping up, it helps to educate yourself about the kind of foods you can eat when your restores get low and you need to feel a little more "rooted". 

Our solution: Try incorporating more root chakra foods into your diet. If you feel like you need an entire diet overhaul, try the Mindful Health Cleanse which has an entire guide dedicated to improving your diet naturally. The guide also includes smoothie recipes and inspiration for the Root Chakra as well the other chakras. 


4. Practice mindful breathing

When it comes to feeling scattered and ungrounded, anxiety is one of the biggest culprits. Some days the bustling, fast paced lifestyle of the city can cause feelings of anxiety to bubble up out of nowhere and threaten to steal our zen. Any given day we're faced with a need to constantly be alert while also handling things likes train delays, hectic work and social commitments, and so much stimuli. This can all add up to increased stress levels that can lead to health issues chronic depression, heart problems, and sleep disorders. A simple but powerful way to keep your mind clear and your body rooted is to focus on your breath. There are so many amazing techniques for mindful breathing that can help you control your emotions, stress levels and oxygenate your cells. It's truly remarkable how a simple deep breath can be a saving grace when things seem out of control.

Our solution: Practice taking deep belly breaths in for 7 counts and releasing the air for 11 counts. This simple technique is proven to relax the body and calm the mind. 



5. Establish a routine for self care that includes nature

When we think about self care our mind wanders to personal hygiene, spa treatments and other more aesthetic practices. However, when you live in the city, it's all too easy to go days or even weeks without breathing in fresh air from the trees, staring at the sky, touching the grass. Nature is our most valuable healing aspect and there's nothing like connecting with it's beauty and magic to remind us that we're loved, cared for and secure. 

Our solution: We recommend taking regular trips to gardens, the beach or even to the park to soak up some nature. If you can't get outside, then start a small garden indoors or keep a few plants in your home. Just having greenery around is a powerful way to bring the grounding energy of the root chakra into your daily life. If you're looking for other ways to immerse yourself in nature, we recommend attending one of our upcoming holistic women's retreats. Each event is located in a beautiful lush locale known for it's pristine natural beauty.