5 Ways Your Brain and Your Body Are Connected

5 Ways Your Brain And Your Body Are Connected

Does your brain have a favorite food? Does it chomp on words laced with fear? Does it easily digest negative thoughts? Does it choke on words that feel important? We know that food is medicine. What are you feeding your brain? What thoughts are soaking into your soul? I have been a holistic practitioner for 10 years. I have counseled on nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, exercise, essential oils and more. But after years of practicing I discovered that my clients were actually starving. I am not referencing an eating disorder, but rather, emotional starvation. They crave love and support. They need a captive audience for their thoughts and fears. They want to feel full from life, their careers, and their relationships. But instead they felt empty. There were areas of their life that felt imbalanced and instead of addressing the imbalance, they were running from them. As a result, these issues were manifesting physically.

Here are just a few ways the brain and the body connects:

  1. Thyroid: Your thyroid affects metabolism, energy levels, hair growth, digestion and more. You can balance the thyroid with selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin d, iodine, zinc, B vitamins, antioxidants, coconut oil and more. But did you know that the thyroid is also related to your voice? It is emotionally connected to how you express yourself and how you utilize your creativity. So if you are experiencing thyroid issues you can address the physical in a number of ways but in the meantime ask yourself: What are you not saying? Are you really heard? How creative do you feel?


  2. Pancreas: Your pancreas affects digestion, and blood sugar levels. You can ease pancreatic issues with enzymes, chromium, zinc, B vitamins, eating every 3-4 hours, dietary changes and more. But emotionally the pancreas can relate to perfectionism and the lack of sweetness in life. Ask yourself where life has left you feeling defeated? What area of your life feels dark and difficult? Where do you feel you are too hard on yourself? Do you strive for perfection in yourself? In others? Where can you lessen the reigns and find small triumphs in your daily life?


  3. Kidneys: Your kidneys filter the blood in your body. They regulate urine production, electrolyte levels, and the excretion of waste. They also produce hormones that help with blood pressure, red blood cell count and bone strength. The kidneys can be treated with electrolytes, flower essences, adaptogenic herbs, Astragalus, Horsetail, Uva Ursi, Vitamin C, and more. But on an emotional level they relate to fluids in the body and symbolically if there is a block in fluid, there is also a block of emotions-in this case the emotion is fear. Ask yourself what terrifies you? What power does fear have over you? Where is fear holding you back? Ask yourself what facts support this fear? Can you release it or is it serving you in some way?


  4. Large Intestine/Colon: The large intestine absorbs the vitamins and minerals from food and digests food into feces. The large intestine can be balanced with digestive enzymes, Psyllium, flax seed, fennel, eliminating food allergies, increasing water and fiber intake, vitamin D and more. But you can also assist your colon by asking yourself what you are holding onto? The seed of this imbalance can be from the inability to let go. So ask: What do you need to let go of? What are you not digesting in your life? Is it your schedule? Is it a relationship? Is it your career? What area are you struggling with? Perhaps start by cleaning out a drawer or closet and begin to let go of the physical clutter so the emotional clutter can rise to the surface.
  5. Liver: The liver has an important role in the body. It affects detoxification, metabolism, hormonal function, the thyroid, skin, immunity, digestion and more. It can be balanced with enzymes, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Maca, Dandelion, a reduction in caffeine consumption, leafy green vegetables, detoxification foot soaks, sweating, sleep, avoiding toxins such as plastics, chemicals, pesticides, tobacco and more. On an emotional level the liver can relate to anger or unresolved resentment. What makes you really angry? Is it a person? Is it a situation? What are you not releasing? Do you have a healthy outlet for this anger such as yoga, exercise, a friend, a journal? A good exercise is to write out your anger in journal form and burn it. Then wait a day or so and ask yourself if you need to address this anger further in a more calm fashion.

The body is an emotional being. It needs an individualized nutrition plan, vitamins, minerals and possibly herbs, or homeopathics for proper balance. It also needs clean water, exercise, sleep and sunshine. But when you peel back the layers the nourishment also comes from deep cleansing breaths and breathing space, nature, healthy relationships, proper boundaries, supportive friends and family who champion our strengths, feelings of passion, love, and support, and most of all, time to think, relax and feel rooted.

Where can you bring more emotional balance into your body? I invite you to a Soul Session via Skype or in-person, where you can begin to regain your uncover and discover whole health.