Ways to Balance the Solar Plexus For Empaths

I once had a teenage client who only wanted to take a long bath after school. It was her way of decompressing, removing the energy of the day, and her way of reconnecting to her self.  But her family saw this as abnormal and isolationist. They wanted her to come home animated, and chatty about the nuances of her day. But all she wanted was water and quiet. Through our work my client realized that she was an empath, and that her Solar Plexus chakra was overloaded.


The Solar Plexus chakra is located above your navel and just below your sternum. It is the seat of self-worth, personal power and how you want to be seen. It helps to direct you to your path and purpose, and it can guide you to sources of inspiration and victories in life. It also is connected to your digestive system-how you absorb your food and life’s circumstances. When this chakra is balanced you can feel empowered to take on leadership roles, to express your truth, and to feel optimistic about life.


But when this chakra is blocked you can feel like a victim to life’s circumstances. You can suffer from low self-esteem or experience digestive imbalances or feel lost regarding your passions and purpose. Oftentimes I ask my clients this question when we are working on this chakra, “What are you not digesting in life?”


Because the client I mentioned is an empath, she will experience her Solar Plexus chakra in a more intense way. An empath can easily take on the emotions of others and not be able to separate her feelings from theirs. She also may be able to read other’s fears and take ownership of them. This can cause her to lack boundaries and to feel drained, making it difficult for her to tap into her own personal power. She was experiencing this a lot at school, being her friend’s “therapists,” and the pressures of high school, and she just needed time to herself when the day ended. But her parents saw the solitude as depression, rather than a time for her to recharge. Because this chakra revolves around feelings, and it is designed to protect your energy, an empath can have a much harder time creating that shield needed to have a balanced Solar Plexus. Which is why she was having struggles at school and at home.


But there are tools that can help you to find balance even if you are an empath! I have listed a few below that I hope you find helpful.


1-Retreat to nature. This is one of the fastest ways to recharge this chakra. This gives you a chance to withdraw from the outside world and refuel


2-Incorporate the color yellow. You can wear it, purchase yellow flowers, or spend time in the sun. This color enhances the strength of this chakra.


3-Find ways to bolster your self-esteem: This may not feel natural at first but it’s like a muscle that needs practice. Wear a color that brings out your eyes. Try a new skill. Do something that scares you and tell yourself, “ I can do this.” Force yourself to see yourself differently-in a positive light.


4-Incorporate crystals. Crystals amplify the energy of each chakra but in particular citrine, amber and yellow sapphire can be extremely helpful. Wear them, meditate with them or keep them close by.


5-Find ways to decompress. Maybe it is a bath with a citrus smell. (great for this chakra) Or maybe it is a long walk with quiet music. Maybe it is yoga or meditation or breathing techniques. Find something that makes your soul and your head feel lighter.


6-Finally add in foods to enhance your digestion. Fennel, ginger, okra, digestive enzymes, papaya, and yellow foods like bananas, squash, pineapple, and yellow lentils can also be helpful.



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