A Fresh Perspective on 2014


nicoledreamboardIt was Dec 31st and I had no vision for my future. Literally. I had created a vision board from last year that I was unnaturally attached to, and even though I’ve had a 7 year ritual of creating a new board on Jan 1st, this year I was convinced that I neededo break tradition. I kept hearing myself say, “I love the emerald green color of my 2013 board, there are still several items on the board that need to occur, and I am too tired to create a new one.” I also wasn’t in the mood to plan for 2014.  What the heck was wrong with me? How could I not want to change the images I cut out last year, for a fresh perspective?  How could I not have a predetermined plan for 2014?  This was so unlike my typical Type A, do it yesterday personality.

After hours of debating this project in my head, I decided to give myself a break. I mean this was self-inflicted torture. If I was resisting it, I needed to sit with it and figure out what was really going on. But in the interim I decided to buy the supplies and if I chose not to do it on the 1st, then I didn’t have to, and if the images weren’t right, I would wait to finish it.

Somehow giving myself the permission not to complete it, gave me the incentive to do it. I woke up on the1st with a renewed sense of inspiration and I think I bought every magazine on the planet, along with glitter, and a beautiful gold poster board.  I sat and really reflected about what felt right for the coming year. What did I really want to create? How did I want to feel? Who or what did I want to bring in?

I have to say this vision board was the most honest I’ve ever been with myself. I realized that even if some of my goals are the same from 2013 that doesn’t mean I haven’t evolved, nor does it mean, I don’t have plenty of new ideas for 2014. I even used one of the pictures from last year again because it was still important to me.

In addition, I didn’t think about creating an even number of photos for each category of my life-career, health, relationships, spirituality, travel etc. If I wanted half my board to be about travel and only a small corner to be about work-so be it. If I wanted a huge quadrant to be about relationships, and only a tiny corner to be about health, that was perfect too.

I began to feel invigorated by my own honesty, and ideas really began to flow. Soon after my board was full of color, life and truth.  I was in touch with my inner guidance this year and I believe that this vision board is not only the most beautiful one I have ever created, it is also the most authentic.

2014 has already taught me self-acceptance. I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

What have you learned about yourself while creating your own vision board?

Happy New Year!