Detoxify Your Mind and Body

Stephanie hobbles through life like a corpse, lifeless, dead inside and completely unaware of how awful she really feels. She is frequently tired, her joints ache, headaches are a normal occurrence, and she often craves sweets. In addition, she has lost her zest for life. Her body is suffering, she has accepted it and, sadly, she is not alone. Happy woman with outspread armsMillions of Americans are functioning at suboptimal levels and they accept it until they are diagnosed with an ailment that forces them to reassess their lifestyle and their overall health. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The body talks to us. The key is understanding its unique language. Many people are overworked and stress is a common complaint. Although headaches can be a sign of stress and tension, they can also be a sign of food allergies, liver stress or even blood sugar levels. Next time you are suffering from a headache, ask yourself when was the last time you ate a meal? If it has been more than four hours you could be dealing with a blood sugar drop and simply need food. You also may need to cut caffeine out of your diet or increase your protein and limit your sugar consumption. If the headache is coming from toxins in the liver it might help to increase your consumption of greens, add some lemon to your water and cut out caffeine, sugar, white flour and alcohol. If you suffer from exhaustion, you’re not alone. But ironically, lack of sleep may not be the only issue. Many people are exhausted because they are not moving enough. Your lymphatic system functions as your body’s filter and without movement it gets “backed up.” Moving helps to push the toxins out, tone the body and reduce mucous build-up. Exercise is key, even if it is just walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Any jumping or bouncing can stimulate the lymph. The actual movement of walking down the stairs can help the lymph to detoxify, as well as jumping jacks, running, jump rope, bouncing on a yoga ball and massage. Oftentimes, the physical body talks to us when the mental body is out of balance. Physical ailments can literally disappear when the mental aggravation is eliminated. For example, many people who are worried about finances can complain of lower back pain. Women who suffer from ovarian problems may be dealing with issues around loneliness and/or their femininity. Oftentimes, a thyroid issue can be a result of not being able to “speak your truth.” Ask yourself if you’re truly happy? Do your bad days outnumber your good? Do you feel that life drains you? If you feel like your mental state is out of balance, first consider that there could be a physical component such as a hormone imbalance, a thyroid issue or a lack of serotonin. But even if those issues are present, also ask yourself who or what drains you? Can you limit your contact with this activity or person? If not, can you schedule more time for the things that give you energy? Do you even know what gives you energy? This is key. Find the person, activity or thing that brings you energy and happiness and literally schedule time for this. Although you may not be able to completely eliminate the stressors in your life you can bring balance just by bringing more joy in. This act alone can be more powerful than any future medication you may be prescribed.

Tips to Detoxify Your Mind and Body                        

1) Rebound: This is an amazing tool. It is a mini trampoline and it can help to detoxify the lymph without putting stress on the joints. If you can even do 10 minutes per day this is very helpful. A rebounder is typically about $130.

2) Water: This seems basic but many are not drinking nearly enough. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and if you are drinking caffeine you need one glass of water per cup of caffeine. Drink water throughout the day but try not to drink as much with meals because this slows down the digestive process.

3) Increase Your Greens: Greens such as kale, broccoli, swiss chard, celery, green beans and more all help to bring your body’s acid and alkaline levels into balance. They also help to detoxify the liver and bring minerals into the blood stream.

4) Eliminate White Flour and White Sugar: This is a stress to your blood sugar and your liver. Instead reach for brown rice, millet, Ezekiel, spelt, sweet potato and natural sugars such as stevia and agave.

5) Breathe Deeply, Journal and Find Joy: The act of taking deep breaths can actually lower your body’s stress hormone. Take a deep breathe to a count of 10 and then exhale to a count of 10.  Keep a journal of everything you are grateful for on a daily basis and watch miracles happen. Adopt a pet, volunteer, take an art class, visit a friend, get out in nature, write or dance. Make a habit of doing something that makes you truly happy.