Finding a Ray of Sunshine- Even on a Weekday

central-park-e1384900176918Today I remembered my New Year’s resolution from 2013. I promised myself that I would go outside during lunch and enjoy the weather. I vowed to take a walk, spend time in the park, or even go across the street and window shop. But here we are in November of 2013 and I can honestly say that I honored that wish maybe three times. Phone calls, emails, marketing projects, and laziness have allowed me to break that promise to myself almost every day- until today. Today I woke up and I noticed the spectacular weather: crisp and cool, clear blue sky and a radiant sun. My first reaction was to curse the weather for getting its days mixed up. I mean why is it always sunny and beautiful on a Monday and gloomy on a Sunday? But then I realized that the weather didn’t get it wrong, I have, each and every day, when I have put everything and everyone before me.

So today I broke the pattern. I took 30 minutes during lunch to enjoy the brilliance of fall in Central Park. I took it all in, the chill in the air, the gorgeous sunshine, the sounds of children squealing and the noise of the leaves crunching beneath my feet. I observed life in all of its glory and when I left that oasis of peace and calm, the sounds of the sirens and the frenetic energy didn’t even phase me. I returned to my desk refreshed but more than that, I was proud of myself for walking a little slower, breathing a little deeper, and being a part of nature- even on a weekday.

What can you do to nurture yourself each and every day?

Have a great week!