Finding peace in my morning ritual...

Some days I don’t want to shower.

I wake up groggy from sleep and wish there was a way to shake all the dead skin cells off my body, becoming immediately clean. I’d rub my hair a few times and Boom! I’m ready with luscious locks.

Since no cleaning ritual is that easy, I allowed myself to slump into an awfully mechanical shower routine of scrub left arm, now right, belly, right leg, now left, now scrub your hair, plop in conditioner.

When I started learning about meditation, I decided to try quieting my mind during my bland routine. Eventually, I lost track of the meditation and let the noise of the water allow my thoughts to run wild and erratic.

I thought I had completely given up on shower meditation until a long bath one Sunday afternoon. It had been a wild weekend and my focus was on detox. I lit candles and let my body fall to wherever it felt comfortable. I closed my eyes and rolled my head around letting out any tension. Then, I let out a few long yogic “oh’s and ah’s”, letting them resonate deeply in my throat so that I could feel the vibrations working up to the crown of my head.

Suddenly I was feeling renewed and calm. I let my foot hit the knob to drain the water and readied for the second half of this cleaning ritual - my shower. Feeling clarity from my noisy exercise, I started blessing each of body part as I washed them, adding an explanation for their greatness. Things like "bless my arms for providing balance, bless my legs for propelling me to my destination, my feet for holding me up." In this moment, I noticed something miraculous. I had stopped my mind from its incessant shower chatter and had begun to actually enjoy my shower. Instead of thinking about my next move, I was smiling at my limbs, noticing them for what they provide me.

There are many types of meditation that cater to different situations. Not only did I learn how easy it is to take a moment to appreciate my body, but also that if one form of meditation isn’t working out for you, it’s okay to try another.

When we recognize what is draining us, we can begin to form new strategies. Just always remember to bless or say thank you to everything, for if nothing were draining you, you’d never be able to make room for a brilliant improvement!

About the Author...


Stephanie is truth seeker with a marketing degree from Baruch College. She has been working as Marketing Assistant for Mindful Health since June of 2013 and also works part time at a dental laboratory. She is passionate about yoga, spirituality and cooking with whole foods.