May Flowers: The Healing Art of Flower Essences

It finally feels like Spring has sprung! And, i’m sure you have heard the old adage April showers bring May flowers. What better time than now to explore the natural healing properties that flowers can provide for us.


What Are Flower Essences?


Flower essences are a type of vibrational medicine that is made of natural herbal infusions from flowering plants, trees, or bushes.

Many ancient and Eastern cultures have included flower essences in their healing traditions for centuries. It has now grown in popularity in the West and seems as though it may even be going mainstream as people are looking for more holistic and spiritual health practices.

The belief is that plants have healing energies which become captured in the flower essence and preserved in high-proof alcohol. In the case of the Mindful Mosaic flower essences, the alcohol used is brandy.

Each flower or blend of flowers is used for its unique energy. The resulting flower essences are then used to address different mental and emotional components of wellbeing.

Flower essences are typically taken directly under the tongue or can be added to a glass of water. Some other methods incorporate the flower essence into spray mists, creams, or bath water.

As the use of flower essences expands, we will continue to learn more about this natural treatment option and how it works. Clinical research has begun to record the effectiveness of flower essence therapy in the treatment of depression in particular.


How Are Flower Essences Different from Essential Oils?


It’s not uncommon for there to be confusion between these two products since the terms essence and essential are quite similar. Here are a few differences between flower essences and essential oils.

  • flower essences capture the vibration energy of a plant whereas essential oils capture the physical properties from the plant in the oil
  • essential oils contain the scent and even flavor of the plant while flower essencesare odorless and tasteless
  • flower essences are in water and alcohol while essential oils are concentrated oil
  • essential oils require a large amount of plant material for distillation while a flower essence can be made from a single bloom

The two are different treatments with different purposes. However, flower essences and essential oils can certainly be used alongside one another in a complementary way.


What Flowers Should I Use?


The seven Chakras are thought to be energy centers, so it makes sense that we would look to them to assess what particular flower essences would enhance your emotional wellness.

Mindful Mosaic has created specific blends which correspond to each of the seven Chakras. Here are the flowers used in each of these flower essence blends.

The best flower essence blend if you want to…

…release fear and embrace change – Body flower essence with red fulva iris, angelica, shooting star, and rose

…increase joy, pleasure, and creativity – Emotion flower essence with hibiscus, wild iris, pomegranate, and Indian paintbrush

…be centered and confident – Energy flower essence with sunflower, buttercup, wall flower, and saguaro cactus

…experience love and nurture the heart – Love flower essence with nootka rose, bleeding heart, phlox, and borage

…express your creativity, find harmony, and be heard – Truth flower essence with snap dragon, morning glory, sagebrush, and dandelion

…feel safe and guided and find inner wisdom – Insight flower essence with cat’s ear, purple water lily, queen of the night cactus, and cosmo

…find clarity, connection, and unity – Unity flower essence with lotus, silversword, passion flower, and orchid



Last summer I was experiencing the signs and symptoms of a potential Root Chakra imbalance. I lacked a desire to do much in life. I felt out of focus and was very irritable. Overall, I lived mostly from a place of doubts and insecurity.

In combination with aromatherapy, affirmations, and other self-care practices, I used the Body flower essence blend to release fear and embrace change. This particular flower essence is designed specifically to support the Root Chakra.

As mentioned above, it is made from:

  • Red fulva iris – encourages stabilization, longevity, and creative rejuvenation
  • Angelica – anchors the individual to the earth
  • Shooting star – reconnects them to their cosmic origins
  • Rose – stimulates tenacity, endurance, and grounding

I took a half dropper of the Body flower essence under my tongue four times a day and at the same time I would say my empowering affirmation. I definitely saw improvements in my health and wellbeing in the following days. As I continued these practices, I began to have more energy, and I felt capable, centered, and grounded.


Are you interested in trying out flower essences for yourself?

You can take the Mindful Mosaic Chakra Quiz here to gain insight into which Chakra may be imbalanced for you. Then, find the corresponding flower essence blend to support your emotional wellbeing and wellness journey.


Grace Furman is a freelance writer and blogger at Heartful Habits. Heartful Habits is a place of inspiration and support for your natural health and wellness journey. Check out her new, free email course The 3 R’s Challenge: Go from Resenting to Releasing to Relating in 7 Days.