Flowers & Family


Flower Power Picture-31A translucent tea kettle reveals dandelion flowers immersed in amber water. Pillows of steam warn me to take careful sips. Still, I rush to experience the tea’s herbal richness. I enjoy every drop. Clearly, the tea’s flowers were selectively handpicked at just the right time, and the result was a flawless beverage.

My tea experience did more than warm me up; it motivated me to contemplate the level of selectivity that goes into producing greatness. I asked myself the question:

Do I carefully handpick the flowers of my life?

Growing up, my mother spent a lot of time explaining the importance of friendship. She cautioned me when she suspected that a peer was a poor associate, and advised me against forming ties with those who were emotionally or spiritually dangerous. I didn’t always follow her advice, but now I understand her concerns, and I learned a few extra points along the way.

  1. Accept and you shall find. When you accept yourself for who you are, you are free to accept others. You don’t have to agree with your friends about everything, but acceptance makes communication and sharing easier.
  2. Laugh and cry. Is your friend someone you can laugh and cry with? Can you share your vulnerability and joy and still feel safe? Find a friend that appreciates all of you.
  3. When a person reveals their essence to you, believe what you see. Don’t make someone over in your mind. Face the facts about your friendship and determine if it’s based on true compatibility and understanding.
  4. When you squeeze lavender, you get lavender oil. Life’s pressures, and personal history do not give someone license to insult you or treat you unfairly. Stress is not an excuse to lash out on others. We all get squeezed, so it’s our responsibility to make sure that what comes out is sweet smelling.
  5. Love is all we need. Genuine concern for another will foster thoughtful words and deeds. Loving friendships have the power to build us up.

While relationships inevitably face challenges, friends that care for you deeply will assist you on your transcendent path. Express gratitude for your current handpicked family everyday. Appreciation for what you already have will attract more beautiful people into your life.

Picture-36Nadia Wilson is a holistic health enthusiast, natural products lover, freelance writer, and style consultant working in the New York City area. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University and a Master of Arts Degree in English from Pennsylvania State University. Her professional writing experiences and visual art pieces are greatly informed by her extensive work with holistic health professionals including herbal experts and natural products writers. Nadia has tutored and performed writing workshops for K-12 students, adult learners, as well as elderly individuals residing in a retirement home. When Nadia resided in New Jersey, she served as an Editorial Assistant with WholeFoods Magazine, where she published several by-line articles.