Follow Your Bliss

dream-biggerBreathe in. Deeper. Feel it in your lungs. Expand your heart. Clear your mind and listen to your own inner silence. Hold the pose and exhale. Let go of control and trust. Underneath it all is the bottom layer, your own inner bliss. Find it and hold onto it. These mantras are a core piece of my weekly yoga class and in truth a representation of life. But what is inner bliss really? A few years ago I might have said inner bliss is a career, friends and family, a stable environment, a daily routine. I might have even told you I was happy, that my life was "normal" and I might have pretended to know what bliss really meant. But I would have been lying. I would have left out the adjectives, the oomph, the zest for life when describing these elements, the real reasons you get up in the morning, because they were absent from my life.

I had spent three years working on a baked product that I had zero passion for, just because I had started it and wanted to see it through. I was juggling my health practice and the daily drama from this product and I had lost sight of my own happiness. I was constantly exhausted, perpetually stressed and frustrated that I couldn't make this project move forward. I was pushing to avoid "failure" and sacrificing the now so tomorrow could be a better day. If you had asked me what bliss was then, I might have said it is tentatively on my schedule I am just not sure when I can fit it in.

Eventually the Universe sent me enough signs to know that I had passions that ignited my fire and that "have to's" are an excuse to avoid your true purpose in life. I let go of the idea that I would fail by saying no to something that brought me misery and I opened my heart and my mind to the unknown, to the possiblity of bliss.I eliminated the struggle by recognizing there was a better plan for me and I trusted the Universe to guide me.

It wasn't easy but I am grateful, every day, that I let go of that project and I opted for a more heart centered path. But I wonder about others who were like me-the people who are being guided to follow their passion, but aren't listening. The recession was actually helpful to some who made career changes, and took risks that they may have avoided had the economy stabilized. But there are still those that know in their heart that they should be doing more, or feeling more from life. Yet they are afraid or they don't know where to start. My advice to you is to live without regrets and know that YOU ARE WORTH IT. If you can not value your own happiness no one else can do this for you.

Today take some time to breathe in and out. Quiet your mind. Stretch yourself and trust. Allow the feeling of joy to reach your fingers and toes. What do you hear? Today and every day, give your mind the permission to dream and give your life the incentive to really begin.