Give Someone the Gift of Self-Care This Holiday Season

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Self-care is a luxury that most people do not take ever, let alone often enough.

Mindful Health founder Nicole Glassman recently launched Mindful Health Gives - a foundation dedicated to offering FREE monthly holistic health retreats to caregivers, cancer survivors and cancer patients. The mission of Mindful Health Gives is to help people see the joy and hope in their existing lives and with their current circumstances.

The foundation provides holistic health retreats and support programs that educate caregivers and cancer patients and survivors with resources such as meditation, yoga, sound healing, nourishing food, community, nutrition and a connection to nature. These tools are complementary to their regular care regimen and enhance and provide a deeper connection to their mind and body. As a result, they are able to heal faster, replenish their purpose, and give more to others.

This mission is so close to Nicole’s heart because over the past few years multiple people close to her have been diagnosed with Cancer. Nicole willingly chose to be the caregiver and support system, even though she was terrified. Although her background is in health and wellness, nothing prepared her for the medical jargon, the fear drenched doctor/patient conversations, or the out of body experience that becomes your life as a caregiver.

Life was very very difficult for Nicole for several years and by the end of it, she was so drained. She needed a retreat like the ones she offers and there seemed to be nothing close to what she needed. So Nicole knew she had a calling and that this happened for a reason. There are people in real need of self-care, healing, nurturing and support - and this is how Mindful Health Gives was born.

This holiday season, feed your soul by giving to others. Give the irreplaceable gift of self care to someone in need by donating to Mindful Health Gives. Your donation will go directly toward monthly retreats and post-retreat programs designed to teach participants the many ways they can care for themselves and others. These retreats and programs are completely free for participants and will include all accommodations and meals.

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, you can also donate in someone's name- to help their legacy live on.

Get involved here - and see how you, too, can give a hand that heals.