It's that time of year again! Here at Mindful Health we've been busier than ever preparing for the holidays. From essential oils to chakra teas - we've got gifts for every wellness enthusiast on your list! 

Shop a few of our favorite gift ideas

for the coming holiday season:



1.  Tea for the soul


We absolutely love these delicious chakra-inspired teas from Positivitea. It's not hard to see why these teas are fan favorites. Not only does Positivitea produce some of the highest quality teas on the market, but there is literally a tea for everyone! With flavors like Create - Sacral Chakra blend or Love- Heart Chakra blend, you'll definitely give them a gift they'll enjoy over and over again.



2. Shiny, sparkly, healing Crystals!



EVERYONE loves a beautiful crystal!  Crystals fly off the shelves at Mindful health. People come in and linger over a stone they just have to "adopt". They are the perfect showstopping gift. Every stone is unique and each one has a different benefit. Stop by our office or visit the online store to take a look at the latest crystals to come in. 


3. Limited Edition Mindful Health X Redflower kits 


There is nothing like giving someone you love the gift of a new healing practice. We worked with Redflower to join their incredible natural mini candles to our Chakra Flower Essences and Gem-infused essential oils. Bring all of these magical healing products together in a chic natural fiber pouch and you have a gift that will spark tons of good vibes. 


4. Flower Essence Blends

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 4.40.07 PM.png

These natural herbal infusions are made from the flowering part of plants, trees or bushes. These wonderful elixirs are natural, scentless and distilled in a fine brandy to be taken under the tongue or in water daily. A gentle form of alternative healing that can be given to children, animals and plants, flower essences offer a subtle and highly effective form of energy medicine that anybody can use to bring in more joy and balance! 


5. 7 Chakras Essential Oil Set


Give the gift of these gem-infused essential oils that are designed to deliver the healing power of natural crystals and fragrant aromatherapy directly to your chakra centers. These therapeutic essential oils boost the mood and immune system while delivering the pleasing fragrances of scents like fresh lemon, wild vetiver, and jasmine in a convenient rollerball. Use these moisturizing blends in massage or even as a pick-me-up throughout the day!


You can make an even bigger difference this holiday season by giving the gift of self care to someone in need. 

Mindful Health Gives provides complimentary holistic health retreats and support programs that educate caregivers and cancer patients/survivors with resources such as meditation, yoga, sound healing, nourishing food, community, nutrition and a connection to nature. 

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