Photo by: Imani Clovis

Photo by: Imani Clovis

I know so many of you will hate me for saying this-but I actually look forward to winter! I love the crisp air, the motivated energy, warm cozy sweaters, fireplaces and hot cocoa.  But what I do not enjoy is the dry skin and creaky joints. If I am not careful, these temps can make my body can feel like the Tin Man! So I thought I would share some winter weather tips with you.

The joints are part of your support system, your base, your stability. In turn, an imbalance can be the result of a root chakra issue, the first chakra, or energy center in your body. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and it can become imbalanced during times of change, stress, transition, or when fears are heightened. This imbalance can present with adrenal or kidney issues, weight gain, immune system issues, back pain, and joint issues. Cold weather can affect the kidneys so this imbalance may be more present in the winter.

Because this chakra centers around stability and support, maybe check in and ask yourself who or what supports you? Where can you ask for help? Where can you take care of you a little more? Also nature is an instant recharge button for this chakra. Can you take some time to escape to nature or at least walk through a local park? You can also try our Mindful Mosaic Root Chakra Flower Essence or our Mindful Mosaic Root Chakra Essential Oil to balance out the emotional component of this chakra.


Here are some of my favorite winter joint health practices:



It is essential to stay hydrated during this dry season. This homeopathic is one of my favorites for hydrating the cells from the inside out.


Krill Oil.

Krill oil is the best form of Omega 3’s. But fish oils in general are essential for lubricating the joints, reducing inflammation and providing benefits for the hair, skin and nails. They also are great for calming the nervous system. Be sure to take your fish oils with protein for better absorption.


Collagen Powder.

I love Vital Proteins Collagen powder. It can help to repair the gut, reduce inflammation and also assist with healthy hair and skin. It is tasteless so I add it to smoothies and dairy free yogurt. You can even add it to soup.


Sea Salt baths.

I absolutely love taking baths with sea salt and a few drops of essential oils like lavender oil. Sea salt can actually help to draw fluid out of the body, sometimes the cause of joint discomfort, as well as calm the body. It also contains many beneficial minerals like potassium and can help to circulate lymphatic fluid.



Enzymes can be extremely helpful for digestion and inflammation, especially papain and bromelain.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to maintain blood calcium levels and low levels can be the cause of joint pain.


PH balance

When your body is too acidic inflammation increases and joint pain is sure to follow. Acidity can occur with chronic stress, allergies, toxins, poor dietary choices and more. You can buy PH strips to test your levels in your urine and saliva. But increasing your greens, making sure you have proper calcium and reducing acidic foods like coffee can help this issue.



These minerals are key for bone health, muscle contraction, nerves, and so much more. They are also key for balancing the PH in the body.


There are so many ways to help to balance your joints. I only named a few here but I hope this list is a good starting point for you to find some relief!