how to heal stress and enjoy the holidays

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like I operate on a rewards system. Finish the dishes, then I can watch The Voice. Do the laundry, then I can meet my friend. Make this last phone call, then I can actually rest, that is until the next item on the list surfaces. My lists are never ending and I find that in order to actually enjoy the pleasures in life, my “to do’s” need to be done. Only they are never really done for long.

This is a classic sacral chakra imbalance, and this is the energy center that I often struggle with. The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, just below the belly button.  It is often considered the emotional center of the chakras and in particular, it relates to joy. How much joy do you experience? Oftentimes, when this area is imbalanced your obligations outnumber, and outweigh your need for enjoyment. Perhaps, there is “too much to do to actually have fun” and life needs to be orderly in order to be in control. So as a result life feels like a lot of “have to’s” and not a lot of “want to’s.” 

this chakra is about being flexible in life, being able to flow with the tide and roll with the punches. 

Finally, it also relates to sexuality in terms of the expression of your desires, as well as the repression of them.

When the sacral chakra is imbalanced it can cause a physical reaction as well, in this case it is the hormonal system.  Your hormones affect your sleep, your metabolism, your mood, your skin, your hair, your menstrual cycle, your body temperature, your sex drive and so much more! But they can easily go off kilter from stress, toxins like heavy metals, parasites, food allergies, mold, pesticides, and exposure to plastics. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also create this imbalance, as well as blood sugar fluctuations and dietary choices. 

Fixing this chakra requires identifying either the toxins in the body, and or the draining thoughts that are in the mind. For example, maybe you need to detoxify pesticides to help to replenish the hormonal system, but maybe you also need to ask yourself, “Why do I feel I don’t deserve pleasure?” Another question might be “Why does everything need to be in order for me to experience joy?” A bigger question might be, “When was the last time I felt truly happy?”


Aside from detoxification and digging deeper, there are a few tools that can help to balance this chakra.



First off, the color orange can strengthen this area of the body. Maybe it is about wearing the color more, or buying Tangerine colored roses, but try to see this color more often. Also eating and smelling citrus is very healing for this area as well. Maybe eat more oranges, and use some grapefruit or lemon essential oil. Other foods that are helpful are items with an orange hue such as squash, carrots, and ginger. Also foods that remind you of pleasurable times can be healing for this chakra; possibly a dish that your family made when you were growing up.



I also like to incorporate crystals in the healing work. Carnelian is very beneficial for this chakra. Maybe place it on your sacral chakra for several minutes each day.



In terms of exercise, dance and any movement that really opens up the hips can be powerful for working through the blocks in this area.


A sacral chakra imbalance is not something that is healed overnight. However it can be lessened quickly by bringing positive attention to the area. The mind is a powerful tool. Try reciting affirmations that resonate with you daily, like “I deserve joy.” Try to really feel what that would feel like in your life and focus on bringing that in!


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