Letting Go of Fear

yoga-300x300There is a word that can be felt in every cell of your body. It can halt your progress and steal your thunder. It can make you doubt every word, every action and every decision you have ever made. It can render your powerless but only if you let it. This word is “fear.” I refuse to let a negative emotion have this much power over me so this is how I take control:

  1. Create a quiet space for yourself where you can ask your inner guidance the following questions:Where does this fear originate? What evidence do I have that it is real? What does my gut actually tell me about this situation? When have I felt this before?
  2. Create a list of truths-list what you do know about the situation and focus on the positive.
  3. Now focus on why you deserve good in your life. Repeat the following: I only attract good into my life and I am worthy of happiness, joy and peace. (or whatever resonates with you). Make a list of positive affirmations related to the situation and even how you want it to turn out. But make sure you write it like you already have this in your life!
  4. Buy a deck of Doreen Virtue angel cards. I really love these cards and I find comfort in their messages- especially when fear takes over!
  5. LET GO. This is seriously THE HARDEST lesson. Sometimes when you hold onto an outcome so tightly you almost strangle it to death. Then the results don’t seem to come as quickly as you would like. But if you lessen the grip and trust that you are on the right path, the outcome may evolve more gently.

Have faith that you are on the right path. There are times when I feel like I am in a dark room blind-folded and asked to walk forward. Take a deep breath and trust. When you are on your path “falling” is not an option. I can personally identify with the feeling of being paralyzed by fear. For the last two months I have taken unprecendented risks and allowed myself to be more vulnerable than ever before. At times I can literally feel my chest ache when I have opened myself up in a new way.

I am writing a non fiction book where I am revealing aspects of my life to “strangers” or readers in a way that is unfamiliar. I am usually more private with people I do not know! In addition there is a new personal situation where I am being forced to be more open and take risks that I have not taken for years.

The feeling of fear is one I battle with every day. At times it has challenged my self-esteem, my faith, my intuition and my entire being. I have felt it in my kidneys (where it is often rooted), and in my dreams. But I believe that recognizing it for what it is-a negative emotion created in your own cloud of self-doubt-removes its power. Yes it can make you question EVERYTHING-but only if you let it!