Mindful Mosaic: Artful Alignment


Buttermilk-Falls-Spring-2013-16-med-res--1024x574New Yorkers see it all. If it’s not here it doesn’t exist. If we don’t have it, they haven’t invented it yet. The on-the-go New Yorker has a plethora of massage options and an endless supply of so-called do-gooder/nutritionist/psychologist/fitness gurus promising health, wealth and prosperity for five easy payments of (insert ridiculous fee here). However, Mindful Mosaic transcends any preconceived notion that you may have about traditional life-coaching programs. Mosaic is different, and the proof is in the planning. As an extremely busy twenty-something living in Manhattan, I found myself wondering where I fit into the rat race of my own life. Every day I chanted the mantra, "Jersey-girl-must-adapt-to-big-city-living." While I spent several summers interning here and many weekends running around Brooklyn and Times Square, nothing compares to the everydayness of New York life. Nevertheless, nothing in the New York handbook says, “Dear zombie, shut down your sensitivities. Trade in your heightened emotions for a pair of durable black boots and a MetroCard.”

Before Mindful Mosaic, my daily tasks fell into three distinct categories: duty, routine and part-time pleasure. I once thought that my robotic approach to life was just a part of my assimilation process. Although I could purchase enlightenment potentially anywhere, a safe and comfortable space for personal exploration seemed like a mirage within the city of dreams. Mindful Health offered me a judgment-free environment and an oasis of empowerment, a feeling created when one is surrounded by new found long lost friends. Their program Mindful Mosaic, enables individuals to take a personal inventory on their physical, professional and emotional priorities. What I loved most about the Mindful Mosaic program was the built-in colorful community of like-minded seekers. Nicole, owner of Mindful Health, intricately orchestrated and produced detail-oriented sessions. For example, each meeting featured reading materials, journal prompts and visual aids tailored for the specific needs of every individual involved. In particular, Nicole and her educated staff facilitated discussions on nutrition, coping mechanisms, positive refocusing and truth seeking. The programming encourages the kind of inner work that traditionally takes months of therapy to begin because it compels you to consider that you are as precious as your time.

Mindful Health understands that New Yorkers are people. The reason why our fad diets, cute trainers, countless casual dates and other quick fixes don’t work isn’t because there is something inherently wrong with us. Something is wrong with our planning process. Generally speaking, we rarely sit down to create a vision for ourselves and our futures. For our jobs we artfully construct clutter-free project plans that communicate a high level of knowledge on the subject matter. However, what are we doing as it pertains to the most important mosaic of all – life? Natives and imports alike require a humanistic approach to putting the tiles together because we deserve it.


Picture-36NadiaNadia Wilson is a holistic health enthusiast, natural products lover, freelance writer, and style consultant working in the New York City area. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University and a Master of Arts Degree in English from Pennsylvania State University. Her professional writing experiences and visual art pieces are greatly informed by her extensive work with holistic health professionals including herbal experts and natural products writers. Nadia has tutored and performed writing workshops for K-12 students, adult learners, as well as elderly individuals residing in a retirement home. When Nadia resided in New Jersey, she served as an Editorial Assistant with WholeFoods Magazine, where she published several by-line articles.