5 Ways to Boost Your Self Love

February is the month of love. Of course we have Valentine’s Day on the 14th to celebrate our romantic partner. We can also show appreciation for our girlfriends with Galentine’s Day on the 13th. But how about this year we turn inward and romance ourselves? After all, the foundation for all of your interpersonal relationships is the quality of your relationship with yourself.

Here are five ways to boost your self-love this February.

1. Start a Happy List

On paper, your computer, or your phone start writing a list of things that make you feel good. You can include anything and everything on this list no matter how big or how small - from vacationing in Europe to binge watching your favorite TV show and everything in between. Read and update it often. Then reference this list on days you’re feeling down or discouraged and choose one attainable item to help you get back into a more positive frame of mind.


2. Try Crystal Healing with a Rose Quartz

The soft pink rose quartz is also called a Heart Stone. This is because it encourages forgiveness and compassion. With this, you can begin healing emotional wounds while dissolving fear and worry. It promotes a feeling of fulfillment and connection by opening you up to give and receive love, both with yourself and others. You can keep your crystal on you in a piece of jewelry, sleep with it under your pillow, hold it while meditating, and more.


3. Forgive Yourself

You are human. I am human. We are all human. As such, we all screw up. Each and every one of us makes mistakes in big ways and small ways. It’s okay! Yes, it is still frustrating and uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, but it is okay. You may not be perfect, but you are doing the best you can. Make the process of forgiveness tangible by writing down something you haven’t forgiven yourself for and then burning the paper. Let it go literally and figuratively. Accept the lesson from the situation and move on to better things.


4. Balance Your Heart Chakra

This gift box includes everything you need to balance your heart chakra which will allow you to experience love and compassion. It includes a crystal infused geranium essential oil, blend of nootka rose, bleeding heart, and borage flower essences, scented candle, jade roller for your skin, anti-aging serum, and a rose quartz crystal like I discussed earlier. It even comes tied with a big, beautiful bow. What a beautiful way to treat yo’ self.


5. Take Yourself Out

When did you last spend time on your own experiencing the moment without the distraction of your phone or a book, etc? It’s probably been a while, if ever. So I’m encouraging you to go on a solo date with yourself. You can choose whatever your heart desires because you don’t have to take anyone else’s preferences into consideration. Go to your favorite lunch spot, check out a local art exhibit, sign up for a burlesque dance class, or spend an afternoon at the spa. It’s all up to you.


Grace Furman is a freelance writer and blogger at Heartful Habits, a place of inspiration and support for your natural health and wellness journey. You can take your self-love journey to the next level with her new FREE email course 5 Days to Conquer Your Negative Self-Talk.