How To Release Your Desires and Open Your Heart Through Daily Intentions

What does your intention sound like

"What does your intention sound like?"

Such a curious thought for 9:15 am. but I was intrigued. intentions, yoga, release your desiresI had just finished my first Vinyasa when my yoga teacher posed that question. “Inhale for 2, exhale for 3. What can you release today? What can you breathe into your life?”

I used to despise yoga. Yes, I am a holistic practitioner who hated yoga. I hated the trendy yoga clothes, the idea of Bikram (sweating out your toxins with your closest friends - blech), holding poses for an eternity, the weird music and don’t forget the bizarre breathing. But something happened to me two years ago and I was pulled to take a yoga class that changed my life. So here we are today – now I am a “weirdo” yogi. Yes, I do the Kundalini breathing and yes, I hold the poses and love it! And I will confess I do sometimes shop at Lululemon.

The root of my practice is about connecting to my intuition. I tend to receive the messages in class that are most often blocked from life’s traffic.

So today’s message was particularly poignant as I have literally been called “the intention queen.” I create them for everything–from important life events, to vacations, or daily events. I consider intentions as blueprints for your vision–a description of the way you want events to unfold.

My first truly significant experience with intentions happened during the planning phase for my bi-annual retreat. When I had decided to run retreats I had a vague idea of how I wanted the location to look and feel. So I began with endless Googling–to no avail. Then something made me stop, write out my intention for the location, the retreat itself, the program–everything. Then I Googled again and I kid you not I found the location on the first page!

Create an Intention-Setting System That Works For You

When creating intentions it is important to adopt a system that works for you. For me, writing them out works best. But you can even visualize them if that works better for you. Generally, I create a blank email–sort of like an email to the Universe. I begin with what I am grateful for then I write out everything I am asking for. I create the vision for the situation in as much detail as possible and I choose my words carefully. I never use words like “need” or “want” because then you are always relegated to a state of need or want. So “ask” is a better option. I always end it with “all of this or something better” and then I hit delete. Yes delete. I look at it as a way of releasing my desires to the Universe.

So back to the question at hand, “What does your intention sound like?” Is it labored breathing? Chaotic? Is it your voice or someone else’s? Is it a set of “shoulds” rather than your own desires?

What would it take for your intention to sound like you?

Today I challenge you to be more flexible with life’s opportunities; to let go of limiting beliefs. Open up your heart, and your third eye chakra and create an intention for your life, for your day or for the moment. Now release and breathe.

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