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Mindful Mosaac Personal Retreat - In Collaboration with Mindful Health NYC by Kaila Shaw Addis of TheBalancedBetty.com


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Last month, I attended a personal retreat, in collaboration with the beautiful Nicole Glassman of Mindful Health NYC. I'm sharing my experience on the blog, to hopefully inspire you to put some time aside to think about possibly treating yourself to an entire day of healing JUST FOR YOU! To learn more about yourself with the guidance of a Holistic Nutritionist. Nicole could not have asked me to participate in this collab at a better time. Last month I wasn’t feeling so good. It was sort of a built up occurrence. My energy was low, and (as cliché as it may sound) my chakras (two in general) were clogged, out on balance and, needed some major clearing. As a yoga teacher, health coach and hairstylist, I’m always giving. I learned, with the help of Nicole, that it was time to start being okay with receiving. Also, a time to start listening more to my body, eating right for ME, and figuring out a customized supplement routine. This day was so extremely fulfilling! I’ll share with you, a quick run down of what I experienced during my Personal Mindful Mosiac Retreat


EAV Testing

After filling out a few questions to find where it was in my body that needed some extra love, I went through EAV testing. EAV represents Electro-Acupuncture testing. This method has grown over the years. It is a more holistic approach to pin pointing certain nutritional deficiencies and possible illness and/or imbalances in the body. My testing was normal and showed that I was healthy overall. However, I was a bit low in zinc and magnesium and my liver was a bit congested. Nicole wrote out a list of supplements for me to start taking in order to help get my body back into a healthy balance. She wrote out an extensive guide for me to follow daily, which was so helpful. Staying on track with a supplement routine can be difficult with a busy schedule, but Nicole made it very clear and easy to manage.



During my retreat, I also enjoyed a super relaxing massage in a beautiful setting. I had a few options to choose from such as enjoying a yoga practice or sound healing. I was happy with my choice. In my opinion a massage is always a good idea! It was so restoring and relaxing. Who does not love a good/deep rub to reduce stress and muscle tension?!



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Food Demo

One of my favorite parts of the day was learning about a few different superfoods. I made a delicious smoothie with the guidance of Kim, who is a total expert on all things nutrition. She’s an amazing cook as well! This is the second time I got to experience learning about a few new lovely recipes with her. I was introduced to Anima Mundi’s Rainforest Immunity Blend and all of its healing goodness! I am totally in love with this addative, and highly recommend it. See my instagram post here for more info. The smoothie we made was packed with goodies to help heal my chakras and restore my energy! It was also helpful in balancing hormones. Fun tip- this was the first time that I've put avocado in a smoothie! It made for the perfect amount of creaminess!


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Affirmation Board Making

Creating an affirmation board was so fun and grounding. I used cute little stickers and sparkles to decorate my poster in a way that was authentic to me. I included quotes and sayings to help remind me that I am worthy and capable of receiving love and reaching my goals! Some reminders we all need, right?


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Angel + Affirmation Card Readings

This part of the day was pretty crazy for me! I couldn’t believe how spot on my cards were. The cards I pulled from the affirmation deck related so much to some of the things that have been going on in my personal life. The angel cards I pulled were beautiful reminders that I am truly being supported by the universe. It was so eye opening. With these types of readings, I really believe it’s all in your power to make of it what you will. I don’t believe card readings are for everyone, but I do believe they are for open minded beings, willing to receive valuable information from the universe and that of which is greater than us.


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Nutritional Planning

I received some major help in this department. Yes, if you follow along with me, I am a healthy eater and try to be very conscious of fueling my body properly. However, I had been following a strictly vegan diet, and unfortunately (for the second time) I realized I was not getting what MY BODY needs to thrive. I had already decided to slowly start adding in some animal protein, and Nicole helped me along, to come up with an easy -to-follow meal plan. I added fish, collagen peptides (using Vital Proteins) and eggs back into my meal plan. I am feeling so much better physically. The guide that Nicole and I created has made a HUGE difference for me. I cut out gluten again and am continuing to omit dairy from my diet. I also have been looking into the idea of eating for my blood type, which I do believe is helping my energy level as well!





These are just some of the wonderful things I enjoyed during my personal retreat! I highly recommend you consider booking one for yourself!! You can head here to book a day of healing, that is unique for your personal needs, and works for you. I would honestly do this 100 times over!