Transition is a Chance to Grow


I used to despise transition. The word alone made me feel unsupported, lost, depressed and scared. In my twenties my transition involved finding my career. What was I passionate about? What did I want to do with the rest of my life? That journey consisted of digestive issues, a hormone imbalance and back issues, but it ultimately lead me to Mindful Health, my own holistic health company. But six years later, I had this business and I still felt unfulfilled. I was tormented. Wasn’t I supposed to choose something and stick with it? Now what? I knew something was missing but what? That particular time period and question lead me to ask myself what makes me happy? What was missing from my life?

I knew I needed nature, more like-minded women and a spiritual purpose. I needed to dig deeper to help people find out what really makes them happy. This led me to create retreats where we did just that. We gave people a weekend filled with possibility and helped them to find their purpose, peace and their smile. I loved every minute of these retreats and had planned to continue running them in this exact manner.

However, this year I was forced into yet another transition and I didn’t see it coming. Cancer infiltrated my life in an unexpected way as it has touched two people close to my heart within a five month period. One of those people is my mom. My foundation was rocked, my dreams were put on hold and I questioned everything and everyone in my life.

Why was this happening? What am I supposed to do now?  What is my purpose? I literally hit the pause button on my entire existence.

Silence has since offered clarity. This is part of my path, to guide people through their own transitions with compassion, connection and direction. Whether it is an illness, a career struggle, a divorce, or just a period of uncertainty, transitions are just that, a pause, a chance to grow, reflect, and evolve. These points in my life were transformational and they can be for you too.

I invite you to join me for a workshop inspired by my journey, created from my heart. It is everything I wished I had had during these times of uncertainty: Support from like-minded women, a curriculum designed to unlock the door to your hidden imbalances and to point you in the direction of positive change. It is a weekend filled with nurturing, hope, inspiration, balance and joy. I would love to hear your story.

Life does not stop it just redirects…