What if Medicine Begins With Our Words?

elephant journal
elephant journal

Imagine the worst: You were just diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

You are terrified, paralyzed with shock and searching for a spark of light. Next, you hear these words from your doctors: “It is aggressive, it can grow fast, you can react to the medicine, many of the options out there may not work, many don’t survive, but those who do, do so without explanation. This is going to be rough. Now let’s get started.”

Now picture those dismal words covering your loved ones like an oil slick and observe as they are repeated not once, but multiple times.

These words were hurled at my mother like swords when she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis was horrifying, but the words only sharpened the shock. I observed in horror. How can this be part of modern medical treatment? How can a person heal under a blanket of negativity? Does a person really need the worst-case scenario to repair their body? Why does treatment start with medication and not with our words?

I am a holistic practitioner, and I entered this profession because of my own health struggles. I was told that I am “too sensitive” and that it would be hard for me to heal because I react to things easily. I was informed that because I had scarlet fever as a child that I would always have kidney issues and that because of my family history I would always have blood sugar issues and digestive difficulties.