Why I Am Obsessed with Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt Health Benefits

Lavender and sea saltI am obsessed with the healing benefits of salt. It all started when I went on a cruise about 5 years ago and I literally watched my body shrink in size. I am not kidding. The salt air, combined with the sea salt baths I was doing regularly, made all of the fluid disappear almost instantly. I looked more refreshed, I felt relaxed, and rejuvenated and- no it wasn’t just because I was on vacation-trust me. I have traveled before and I have never felt this amazing.

I ended up doing some research on the benefits of sea salt. Of course you have all heard of the healing properties of The Dead Sea and maybe you have noticed the sea salts from this region available in the health food store. But why is it so beneficial? Well I found out! Dead Sea Salts produce negative ions which not only have incredible healing properties but they also enhance your mood, help with joint pain, serve to detoxify and enhance the immune system. Negative ions can be found in water, forests, or after a rain or snow storm. They are really just electrically charged particles found in the environment. But we happen to live in an environment where positive ions prevail and these ions are actually detrimental to the body. Positive ions can cause depression, allergies, an imbalance in PH, fluid retention, aging and even cancer. They are found in electromagnetics (computers, cell phones, microwaves etc), air conditioning, pollution, etc. So the key is to increase our exposure to negative ions to counteract the effects from the positive ions, and sea salt is one way to do so!

Dead Sea Salt has a combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromide, and chlorides. These minerals can help with fluid retention, energy levels, skin conditions, joint pain, circulation and more. I believe my fluid issues were relieved from The Dead Sea Salts because they contain a great deal of potassium, key for fluid retention. Your skin is considered your second liver so when you soak in the salts your body absorbs all of the minerals quickly and restores itself to a place of better balance.

Dead Sea Salt can help to clear toxins from the body, clear your energy emotionally, aid in fluid retention, stress management, joint issues and more. So what are waiting for? Start soaking and enjoy a little time for YOU!

My favorite recipe for a Dead Sea Salt soak

½ cup of dead sea salts

15 drops of lavender essential oil –great for lowering stress levels!

Happy soaking!