Chakra 1 on 1 sessions are tailored, fully immersive chakra-inspired experiences. They heal toxic beliefs and behaviors and help create lasting change with the use of action steps, mindful self-care rituals and deep inner work. A typical Chakra 1 on 1 begins with a fun and interactive Chakra Assessment that helps paint a full picture of what may be influencing your overall well-being. This assessment also serves to inform the client about the importance of observing the subtle energies of the mind and body.

In every session, Nicole designs a protocol for all areas of life i.e. work/life balance, physical health, romantic relationships, hobbies, etc. Then, she creates a grid that will illustrate the connection between your health concerns/imbalances and the emotional root of these issues.




  • Guided MINDFUL MOSAIC Q+A Coursework, Prompts and Exercises
  • Talk therapy
  • Chakra Visioning
  • Meditative artwork
  • Color Therapy
  • Angel and Chakra Card readings
  • Affirmation Building
  • Flower Essences for the Chakras
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils



  • Chakra 1 on 1 sessions are perfect for those who want to deepen their Chakra 1 on 1 session work or enhance their physical healing journey
  • Chakra 1 on 1 sessions are available to men and women
  • Chakra 1 on 1 sessions are perfect for those in a place of transition and need actionable emotional support
  • Chakra 1 on 1 sessions are great for entrepreneurs, execs, caretakers and anybody who finds it difficult to take time off to focus on self-care and healing
  • You will:
  • Connect to your body and your inner wisdom and receive practical tools to maintain that connection 
  • Feel more grounded and emotionally balanced
  • Feel the benefit of putting yourself first for the day
  • Learn how the Chakras affect your daily life
  • Learn specific tools and action steps for Chakra healing
  • Take a deep dive into obstacles that might be holding you back and practices to clear them


30 min / $100

60 min / $175

90 min / $225



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