Experience the MINDFUL MOSAIC© program at the serene Inns of Aurora, located in the picturesque  Fingerlakes region of NY!   Enjoy daily yoga, sound healing, farm-to-table meals, hands on activities, group sessions and chakra-themed goodies. You’ll spend 4 days and 3 nights in a lakeside atrium learning how to turn your desires into reality, balance your energy, improve your physical and emotional health and embrace the present moment with a group of incredible and supportive women.

MINDFUL MOSAIC® is an innovative healing program created by holistic nutritionist, Nicole Glassman, that utilizes the ancient wisdom of The 7 Chakras to enlighten participants as they explore their beliefs, emotions and physicality while learning creative life-healing techniques. Comprised of thought-provoking curriculum, customized nutritional guidance and unique women’s retreats, MINDFUL MOSAIC® is the ultimate tool to achieve self-growth and emotional healing.