Mindful mosaic® collection 


MINDFUL MOSAIC® Flower Essence & Essential Oil Blends are gentle, effective and powerful remedies to heal the mind, body and soul. Each blend has been crafted to deliver the positive, balancing and nourishing energies of each of the 7 chakras.


Mindful Mosaic® Flower Essences are natural herbal infusions made from the flowering part of plants, trees or bushes. These highly effective forms of energy medicine and wonderful elixirs are natural, scentless and distilled in a fine brandy to be taken under the tongue or in water daily. 

Mindful Mosaic® Essential Oil Blends are wildcrafted, gem-infused and designed to deliver the healing power of natural crystals and fragrant aromatherapy directly to your chakra centers. These therapeutic essential oils boost the mood and immune system while delivering the pleasing fragrances of scents like fresh lemon, wild vetiver, and jasmine in a convenient rollerball. Use these moisturizing blends in massage or even as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Enjoy the healing power of each of the 7 chakras