I invite you to experience the soulful MINDFUL MOSAIC® program: a curriculum designed to unlock the door to your hidden imbalances and point you in the direction of positive change.
— Nicole Glassman


The Mindful Mosaic® Workshop utilizes the ancient wisdom of The 7 Chakras to enlighten participants as they explore their beliefs, emotions and physicality while learning creative healing techniques for their personal lives.  Comprised of thought-provoking curriculum, guided Q & A-style interactions and unique exercises, MINDFUL MOSAIC® is the ultimate tool to achieve self-growth and emotional healing. 

The program has evolved to meet the growing demand of women at every stage of her life; especially women who are looking for a more holistic way to heal and connect.  Whether you’re in a place of transition, seeking clarity or ready for a life change MINDFUL MOSAIC® will teach you how to embrace and enjoy the process. With clear intention, creativity and a touch of magic, you’ll learn to view your life as a beautiful, living Mosaic.


  • One-on-one support from Nicole Glassman
  • Simple tips to heal and balance each one of your Chakras
  • Easy to follow lessons on subjects like: relationships, boundaries, goal setting, money and more
  • A helpful toolkit for detoxing your physical body, emotions & home!
  • An essential guide to vibrational (super) foods
  • Beautiful personal rituals to practice on your own
  • A new circle of friends and amazing connections
  • Fun quizzes, prompts and tear-aways for group & solo work
  • A beautiful Mindful Mosaic® workbook with activities, assignments and inspiration pages for journaling
  • A custom made Chakra toolkit complete with the Mindful Mosaic® essential oils, flower essences and more…
  • Best of all, you’ll receive tangible actions steps for your future plus a supportive community of inspired, like-minded women to help you stay on track…