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A Mindful Mosaic® Personal Retreat is a private, customized 5-7 hour wellness retreat for anyone who wants the feel of a retreat getaway, right here in NYC. Personal retreats are great for tourists, locals, entrepreneurs, busy parents, etc., who want all the benefits of a wellness retreat woven into one day of dedicated healing. You'll work one on one with Nicole Glassman, Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Mindful Health to create a chakra-healing road map and a plan of action for your unique wellness journey.



Is a personal retreat for you?
  • Do you have a desire to learn more about the 7 chakras and their roles in your life?

  • Are you questioning your career path, or unhappy in your current job?

  • Are your finances preventing you from living the life you deserve?

  • Are you feeling emotionally and/or physically imbalanced?

  • Are you struggling with a relationship related issue? (romantic or other)

  • Are you retired and looking for your next steps or purpose?

  • Have you experienced a loss such as a death or divorce?

  • Are you stuck in a life that just doesn’t feel right, but you don’t know what your next steps should be?

Want to learn more? Start with a 10 minute information call.

You'll receive

A 5 hour (minimum) one-on-one Intensive Chakra program with Nicole Glassman, HN designed to heal your Chakra imbalances. Your program will include a variety of healing modalities such as yoga, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, flower essences, art therapy and a Mindful Mosaic® Retreat curriculum tailored for your unique needs.

Why work with the chakras?

If your Chakras are imbalanced you might experience insecurities in your life path, relationships, career choice, and finances. From a physical perspective you may be experiencing digestive issues, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, fatigue and sluggishness. A Personal Retreat will provide you with nourishing foods and pampering treatments, while leaving you with solution driven tools to enhance your life.

what to expect
Root Chakra

Connect to your body and your inner wisdom and receive practical tools to maintain that connection

Sacral Chakra

Take a deep dive into obstacles that might be holding you back and practices to clear them

Solar Plexus Chakra

Have an action plan to help you reach your goal and a clearer understanding of tools that balance your physical health

Heart Chakra

Feel more grounded, emotionally balanced and understand the benefit of putting yourself first for the day

Throat Chakra

Learn how the Chakras affect your daily life and how to nourish your body through the Chakras

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Learn what foods enhance the health and well being of your Chakras and receive recipes to take home

Crown Chakra

Experience a Chakra balancing activity such as sound healing, yoga, meditation, spa treatment, etc. and learn how to use crystals and aromatherapy for Chakra healing.


Want to learn more? Start with a 10 minute information call.




please call (212) 245 - 3129 or

email info@mindfulHEALTH.BIZ

** AT THIS TIME, PERSONAL retreats are only available in the greater New York City area. Check back to see when we will be coming to a city near you!