Mindful Health™ is a holistic health company in New York City founded by Nicole Glassman. Our strong foundation in holistic medicine, emotional healing and natural lifestyle support helps our clients to heal, feel, and develop a more intuitive understanding of their bodies.

There is typically more to the healing process than assessing one factor of health. We believe many ailments are rooted in emotional, environmental, and nutritional imbalances. Our aim is to create balance to naturally introduce a better wellness program.




The Mindful Health Cleanse is a 14 day completely holistic approach to detox that rejuvenates your Body, Mind + Soul.  With 2 shakes per day, 1 healthy real meal and snacks, our delicious formulas aid in detoxification throughout your body without those dreaded hunger pains.


LUXURY women's retreatS

Revel in the beauty of nature, meditate as the sun rises right over the river, walk through lush hidden gardens, and make real connections to yourself, your body and to others. The MINDFUL MOSAIC© Women’s Retreats are all about finding the joy in looking within.


mindful mosaic©

MINDFUL MOSAIC® is an innovative healing program that explores your beliefs, emotions and physicality while learning creative life-healing techniques.  Utilizing the ancient wisdom of The 7 Chakras in thought-provoking curriculum,  it is the ultimate tool to achieve self-growth .